Norway House Entertainment Centre Review

norway house EC Located right behind the York Boat Inn, the Norway House Entertainment Centre offers a 6,000 square feet space full of fun and games, right in the community's commercial heart. It's now open and ready to welcome everyone looking for entertainment.

Norway House Entertainment Centre Location and Accessibility

  • Address: 201298 Kistopinanik Drive, Rossville, MB R0B 1B0
  • Operational Hours:
    • Monday through Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
    • Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.​​.
  • Contacts:
    • Phone: 204-359-4172
    • Fax: 204-359-8179​​.
  • Owner: The specific owner’s details are not directly mentioned, but the Entertainment Centre is associated with the Norway House Cree Nation, indicating it is managed or owned by the community or its governing bodies.
  • Licensed by: All NHCN VLT site holders are registered by the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission (MGCC).

Variety of Games at Norway House Entertainment Centre

Gambling Activity Description
VLTs (Slots) Electronic gambling machines that offer a variety of games, including versions that resemble slots.

Entertainment and Amenities

Surrounding the Norway House Entertainment Centre, a myriad of leisure activities beckons visitors and locals alike, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that go beyond the thrill of gambling.

  • Exploring Kistapinanihk Mall – A short walk away, for shopping and local exploration.
  • Visiting the York Boat Inn – Besides accommodation, it might offer its own set of leisure activities for guests.
  • Community Cultural Events – Norway House Cree Nation is known for its vibrant cultural events. These could include traditional gatherings, festivals, and cultural showcases. It would be beneficial to check the community’s event calendar.
  • Outdoor Activities at Sea Falls Park – Ideal for nature lovers looking for hiking, picnicking, or just enjoying the outdoors.
  • Sports at Diamond 373 Ball Park – For those interested in watching or participating in local sports events.
  • Recreational Activities at Kinosao Sipi Multiplex – Offers various recreational opportunities, potentially including fitness facilities and community-organized sports.


norways house EC parking

Plenty of parking options nearby the Norway House Entertainment Centre

Find nearby parking for your visit to the Norway House Entertainment Centre, easy and accessible.

  1. York Boat Inn Parking – Designated for guests of the Inn, this parking offers convenience for those staying at the hotel or visiting the Entertainment Centre. Located just behind the Inn, it provides easy access to both accommodations and entertainment.
  2. Norway House Broadband Inc. Parking – Likely serving the employees and visitors of the Norway House Broadband Inc., this parking area might also be utilized by those visiting nearby facilities, depending on its public access policies and available space.
  3. Norway House Cree Nation Parking – This parking area would cater to a variety of community needs, including those visiting the Entertainment Centre, government buildings, and other community services. As a central hub, it’s well-positioned for easy access to nearby attractions and essential services.


Only accommodation mentioned in proximity to the Norway House Entertainment Centre is York Boat Inn.

Hotel Location Average Price per Night Amenities
York Boat Inn 201302 Osborne St, Near Norway House Entertainment Centre Varies Proximity to Entertainment Centre, dining options, free parking, pet-friendly, fitness room

Food and Beverage Options

For those visiting the Norway House Entertainment Centre and looking for nearby dining options, there are a couple of notable spots within the vicinity that offer a variety of food options:

  • York Boat Inn: This inn provides guests and visitors with dining options that might include local cuisine and comfortable seating. Given its proximity to the Entertainment Centre, it offers a seamless experience for entertainment and dining under one roof or nearby.
  • Norway House Cree Nation Multiplex: The Multiplex serves as a hub for various activities and could also offer dining options. It caters to a range of tastes with facilities such as snack bars or cafeterias. It’s a great spot for those looking for a quick bite before or after engaging in the activities available at the Multiplex.

How to Get to the Norway House Entertainment Centre

To get to the Norway House Entertainment Centre located at 201298 Kistopinanik Drive in Rossville, MB, you can follow these general directions:

  1. From Winnipeg: Take MB-6 N for approximately 800 km, following signs for Thompson/Norway House.
  2. Upon Reaching Norway House: Continue on MB-373 W. Drive to Kistopinanik Dr in Norway House 17.
  3. Arrival: The Norway House Entertainment Centre will be in the vicinity.

Overall Experience

Customer Service 5/5
Atmosphere and Cleanliness 4.5/5
Safety and Security 4/5

While specific user reviews are not detailed in the search results, the centre’s commitment to compliance with MGCC regulations and its operation as a community hub suggest a positive reception. The operational hours cater to a wide range of schedules, further indicating an intent to serve the community’s needs effectively.

norway house reviews

Norway House Entertainment Centre gained mostly positive reviews over the years.

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